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  • ROKA Sports contacted us to design and develop this sunglasses customizer. Since launch, sunglasses have been customized by many sports teams and the USA Triathlon community – including Team USA.

    This new web application is pretty unique in the Shopify ecommerce space, but we had done something like it before, so we were up to the challenge.

    Shopify Partner

    Shopify Partner LogoAs a registered Shopify Partner, we’re very familiar with their eCommerce platform and growth potential. At it’s core, Shopify is a powerful eCommerce platform that is used by many large brands, including RedBull and The New York Times. It’s platform is also suitable for new eCommerce businesses looking to start up and grow.

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    An eCommerce site needs constant attention and a team that’s available at a moment’s notice. We know it’s important to keep things like: conversion rates, average order value, website speed, backups, and event tracking on your radar. These are the types of things we do for ROKA Sports and we’d be happy to do them for you too. Let’s talk about your eCommerce website and see how we can help make you more successful.


    • Enables customers to create their own style of sunglasses
    • Custom ReactJS Web Application
    • Integration with Shopify’s API


    • Purchased by large sports teams such as the USA Triathlon community – including Team USA.
    • Boosts profit margin with custom offering
    • Furthers the ROKA brand