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ReactJS quiz app
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  • ROKA wanted to be able to lead a user directly to the pair (or pairs) of eyewear they would prefer. We were able to custom build this ReactJS app for them to meet all of their requirements.

    They are now able to collect data they weren’t able to gather before regarding user preferences. Now, instead of guessing what their target market would buy, they can actually tailor new product development toward products that their current customers would actually want.

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    • Filters down the available selections as a user is going through the quiz
    • Generates a collection of eyewear products tailored to the user
    • Mobile-friendly web app


    • Ability to predict what undeveloped products customers want
    • Collected thousands of data points
    • Ability to personalize marketing to user groups


    • ReactJS
    • Zaius API
    • Shopify API