Ramsey Creek

Custom Web Development

  • We develop beautiful ecommerce websites to make businesses grow

  • One of the owners of Ramsey Creek Woodworks, Lynn, contacted me about working on their new website. They really wanted the new site to focus on the high-end custom woodworking services they provide. This website is built in a content management system (CMS) so that Lynn and his team have access to edit the website themselves.

    Photo Gallery

    The work they do is really amazing. To showcase this, we built a “before and after” work gallery to showcase the transformation they can bring to their client’s homes. Ramsey Creek has the ability to add photos and captions to this, as well as to change the order of the photos.

    Editing Website Content

    We believe clients should be empowered to edit their own website. So, after the project was launched, we went to the Ramsey Creek office to teach them how to edit the text/photos themselves. We also provided them with customized, written instructions so they’d have something to refer to, in a pinch. Of course, we’re always available for edits and updates, but we find that most clients love the ability to edit their own websites.


    We received a call from Lynn who said,

    Sorry we haven’t gotten back to you in months… we’ve been so busy since you launched our new website!

    She looked up his Google Analytics and told him about the traffic coming to his website. He was super impressed and we’ll be adding some cool features on this website very soon.


    • Easily Editable Slideshow
    • Custom Javascript Photo Gallery
    • Staff Biographies
    • Contact Forms


    • Traffic highly increased after launch