Mask of Wellness

Design & ReactJS Development

Mask of Wellness website design and development
  • We develop beautiful ecommerce websites to make businesses grow

  • Launched in May 2020 by two Iowa doctors, Mask of Wellness is a positive approach that promotes responsible behavior that is necessary to keep society open during the COVID-19 pandemic, while benefiting social, physical, and economic wellness. The goal is to get businesses to self-certify as ‘Covid-Conscious’.

    Self-Certification Requirements

    When a business self-certifies, it’s agreeing to

    1. Masks: Having all employees wear one in shared spaces.
    2. Hygiene: Increased in the areas of personal, surface, and distance
    3. Health: Daily check-in with staff to ensure they’re not displaying COVID symptoms.


    • Social: Empowering consumers to keep their social lives.
    • Physical: Retaining healthy workforces and families.
    • Economical: Enabling businesses to stay open while helping concerned consumers find businesses they want to support.

    After listening to Dr. Krupp and Dr. Schwenker’s vision for a healthier and stronger society, we worked through a custom design that brought in a community feel. Everything from the customized icons down to the period after the cursive font is intentional. We even designed the original digital toolkit to help businesses get setup within minutes of signing up.

    We’re continuing development to include a ‘Covid-Conscious’ business directory so consumers can look up businesses in their area who pledge to be ‘Covid-Conscious’.

    The site gained significant attention, traffic, and signups upon launch. We built into a ReactJS app with a highly scalable AWS setup, so that we can easily scale as this initiative grows.

    AWS Partner

    AWS Development Partner

    We’re members of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network and are educated in AWS tools, architecture, features, and scalability. Using AWS helps us achieve our goal of being readily able to support scale up this custom web application.

    Because of using AWS, we are able to achieve the future goals of growing Mask of Wellness nationwide faster.