Legislative Scorecard

Product Development

Legislative Scorecard website screenshots
  • We develop beautiful ecommerce websites to make businesses grow

  • We created the Legislative Scorecard WordPress plugin.

    Our plugin connects to the Bill Track 50 API, pulls in scorecard info (bills, scores, comments, and legislators), and displays this on the user’s WordPress website. We auto-populate everything, including official legislator headshots, to make this as seamless as possible.

    The user’s typical workflow would be:

    1. Use Bill Track 50’s scorecard tool to choose a set of bills and score them.
    2. Bill Track 50 takes care of totaling the scores for each scorecard, tracks how legislators are voting, and scores them based on the user’s scores for each bill.
    3. The user installs our plugin, which connects to the Bill Track 50 scorecard of their choice and pulls in that data.
    4. The user’s scorecard data is then displayed on their WordPress website, just like you see in our legislative scorecard demo.
    5. Whenever they update their Bill Track 50 scorecard, our plugin takes care of pulling in that updated data into the user’s website.

    Interactive Product Demo

    Visit our product website at http://legislativescorecard.us/ to view our demo.

    In the demo, you can:

    • search for legislators by Colorado addresses
    • sort and filter the results
    • click Voting Record to view an individual legislator’s voting record, contact information, sponsored billed, and comments

    The demo connects to Bill Track 50’s API to pull the latest information for each legislator. However, all scores and comments are created for demo purposes only.

    Real Example

    The Idaho Freedom Foundation uses our scorecard plugin to power their Freedom Index.

    Purchase & Support

    You must have a Bill Track 50 account to use this plugin. We work closely with Bill Track 50, so if you’d like us help you get set up with an account, please contact us.

    If you have a Bill Track 50 account with scorecard already, you’re welcome to purchase directly from our pricing page. Then, we’ll contact you to send your license key.

    Otherwise, contact us with any questions.


    • Find Your Legislator by Address
    • Members-only feature to restrict number of legislators shown to non-members (optional setting)
    • Updates from the Bill Track 50 API
    • Color customization


    • Used by Unite New Mexico
    • Only product promoted by Bill Track 50, a popular platform for legislation tracking