Breakthrough Stats

iTunes App UX Design

Breakthrough Stats iOS app we designed
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  • Breakthrough Stats iOS app helps coaches, players, and parents efficiently track stats during fast paced basketball games. The app is designed for both retina and standard iPad devices.

    Breahna teamed up with Karl and Joe to craft this project from start to finish. Her role during the project was primarily related to User Experience Design and Graphic Design while Karl and Joe developed the database architecture and Objective-C backend.

    App User Experience Design

    User Experience Design is the process of thinking through human-computer interaction, making a plan, and acting on it. There are plenty of studies that show people use different devices in different ways. For example:

    It takes the human eye about 25% longer to read a screen then it takes to read something printed, like a book.

    In a stats tracking app, where you have to input data as fast as possible while watching a 10 person game, each second, half second, and app interaction counts.

    In this app, UX design helped us set standards for things like:

    • how people will use the app
    • how we can make data entry most efficient
    • how to make the game setup process as intuitive as possible
    • app navigation

    Once we defined the UX goals, Breahna could efficiently create the design for the app to solve problems and craft a cohesive, easy-to-use product.

    App Branding

    Of course there’s much more to branding than just design, but for brevity we’ll just show you two pieces of it:

    Splash screen design

    This quickly displays every time the app is started.

    App Splash Screen Design

    Splash Screen Design

    App Icon Design

    Think about it: when users are browsing the iTunes store, they see the app icon and limited photos of the app first. That controls whether they download your app or not. App design is really important!

    Since the app’s goal is to really focuses on progress and not just who’s winning/losing, we wanted to show progress in the app icon while keeping it stats based. We chose to do this with simple graph bars that are also used in the splash screen as well. We tied this in with other common basketball elements to create a cohesive, recognizeable design.



    • Branding
    • User Experience Design
    • iOS App Icon Design
    • iOS App Development
    • Entry into iTunes Store



    • Within 1 week of release, this app took over the #2 spot for the Paid Sports Apps category in the iTunes store!
    • Price per download has risen from $9.99 to $19.99