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  • Rachel was looking for a Denver company that could build a beautiful website for her that has organic SEO properties built into it. We’re proficient in both local, organic, SEO work and designing and building custom websites, so we were naturally a good fit.

    She had really great ideas we incorporated into this website. For example, she wanted a portfolio with custom taxonomies that she could use to tag her portfolio pieces to make it easier for her clients to search through. This is not only a great idea from a usability (UX) design standpoint, but also really helpful for search engines. So, we built these into the WordPress platform in a way that she could easily add and edit these.

    She primarily does content writing for healthcare providers and has an impressive portfolio of clients to show off. Since user’s scan the web, instead of reading word-for-word, we designed her portfolio to be more visual with photos and mini-photo galleries. She also has the ability to provide a writing sample and writing sample download download for each piece in her portfolio.

    We believe in giving our clients the ability to edit their own websites. So we enabled her to have more control over the content, by building in the ability for her to choose what order her portfolio items display on her home page.

    Rachel has seen a high increase in the performance of her website (see Results in sidebar) and has even referred other clients to us. She had this to say when we asked her about her experience:

    “Revive Design Studios is a true partner. Breahna and Bryan are practical, reliable, creative and knowledgeable. Their solutions are often the simplest, most effective and most elegant.”

    Rachel B.

    Free Initial Web Development Consultation

    We’re always looking to help new clients showcase their companies better on the web. We offer a free 1-hour web design and development consultation. Get in touch to see how we can help your company be more successful.


    • Custom WordPress Development
    • Portfolio w/Custom Taxonomies for filtering
    • Highly editable content
    • Responsive (mobile-friendly) web design and development


    Within only 2 months of launch

    • The average position in Google’s search engine has gone up in rank 9.7 spaces
    • Bounce Rate has decreased by 41.9%
    • Pages Per Session has increased by 143.33%
    • Average Session Duration time has increased by 2:49 minutes
    • Click Through Rate has gone up an average of 114.46%