"DNS Services" Domain Name Scam

DNS Services scam example bill

Credit: jptechnical.com

One of my clients emailed me today asking where a bill came from. It was for $65 to renew their domain name. She said the company who sent the bill was “DNS Services.” I did some research for her and noticed a few things:

  • When I looked up to see where the domain name was registered, it wasn’t to “DNS Services.”
  • Her domain name didn’t expire until August 2014. While companies try to give you plenty of time to renew your domain name, they don’t usually contact you two years ahead of time.
  • The name in itself is fishy, it would be like me naming my business “Web Design.” (How unique would that be?)
  • A Google search regarding this piece of mail I came across this DNS Services Scam article. I asked if it resembled the mail she received and she said, “That is exactly what the bill looks like! Thank you! I will shred it.”

In these types of situations you want to make sure to read the full “bill.” This particular mailing actually says, “THIS IS A SOLICITATION FOR THE ORDER OF GOODS OR SERVICES, OR BOTH. AND NOT A BILL, INVOICE, OR STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT DUE. YOU ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO MAKE ANY PAYMENTS ON ACCOUNT OF THIS OFFER UNLESS YOU ACCEPT THIS OFFER.” However, this is easy to miss as most people assume that when they receive something that looks like a bill, they’re supposed to pay it.

For reasons like this, I think it’s really important to have a web design business you can trust. You really need someone who will get to know your business, so they can spot things like this. So when you’re looking for a web designer, find someone you can trust!

Credit: Image to the right is from the article I mentioned above. Thank you to JP Technical for posting this!

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